WakeParkWednesday is BACK!

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#WakeParkWednesdayWakeParkWednesday is back at StokeCity AdventurePark

WakeParkWednesday is back and will be launching Wednesday 11 September at StokeCity AdventurePark.  Be a good person, and spread the stoke by sharing this great news!

What is #WakeParkWednesday?

#WakeParkWednesday is a special we run on the Main cable at StokeCity AdventurePark every, you guessed it….Wednesday*!  We offer you the chance to experience ‘boat-less’ wakeboarding, water-skiing or wakeskating on the Main Cable.  With the purchase of your cable pass, you also get free park entry!  Another great saving for you.  Your cable pass includes the use of either a kneeboard, or water-skis.  We value everyone’s safety, so we also include a life jacket and helmet.  Should you want to wakeboard or wakeskate, and don’t have your own equipment, there’s no need to worry, as equipment rental is also half price!   So essentially #WakeParkWednesday is all about half price riding on the Main Cable.

Why #WakeParkWednesday?

At StokeCity AdventurePark we love spending time on the water and all our staff have a passion for water-sports.  We want to share the Stoke of being able to ‘ride’ on top pf the water.  Our ethos is to ensure that everyone leaves feeling stoked!  We offer a non-intimidating environment, where people of all skill levels are welcome.  It make us stoked when everyone is having a great time, learning and progressing together.

Ask anyone who regularly attends #WakeParkWednesday and they’ll all tell you about the amazing vibe, the good times and the stoke of being able to ride.

Make your Wednesday a #WakeParkWednesday, and enjoy the stoked side of life!

*Excludes Public Holidays.