No boat? No problem! You can now experience the thrill of motorised water-sports at Gauteng's only Cable Park.  We offer water-skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and wakeskating!  We pride ourselves on having one of the top ranked facilities in SA with some of the best coaches and hospitality that can't be beat.

The Cable Park at StokeCity is SA's only WakePark that boast both a 5-tower cable system, THE MAIN CABLE, and a 2-tower cable system for beginners, called THE STRAIGHT.  With two cable systems and professional coaches there is truly something for all levels of water sports enthusiasts.

Don’t have the right gear? No worries! At StokeCity AdventurePark, we offer rentals of wakeboards, wakeskates, helmets, life jackets, and anything else you need to have an awesome (and safe) time on the water.  The only thing you need to bring is a swimsuit & a towel, we provide everything else!

A comprehensively stocked on-site Pro Shop caters to all your water-sports accessories needs, check out our full range of products currently in-stock.


The Main Cable is a 5 Tower Cable System.
The cable is a great way to get on the water without having to own a boat!
You can choose to kneeboard, water-ski, wakeboard or wakeskate, it all depends on your ability, and mood!
A safety and instructional talk is given to all participants, and all gear can be hired.
Once you get on the dock you'll feel super stoked as the dock hand guides you through the steps.
More advanced riders can enjoy the ever changing obstacles, or challenge themselves to amp it up and catch some air.
The cable system can pull up to 9 riders at the same time.
The overhead cable system runs in a continuous counter clockwise motion allowing riders to enjoy a non-stop water sports adventure.
Once you fall, a quick swim back to land, and back in the queue for your next go.


The 2 Tower Cable at StokeCity WakePark is the perfect place to learn to ride. Specifically designed to teach those who have never ridden before, THE STRAIGHT 2-Tower Cable also has an added benefit, it is tucked away to the side so you can learn to ride with other beginners while more advanced riders take on our main cable system. All of our instructors are great at teaching kids and adults!
The 2-Tower cable is by far the simplest and easiest way to learn to wakeboard. The upwards pull enables effortless starts and has proven to provide the easiest learning curve for beginners. The system’s speed is fully controlled by an operator which allows beginners to learn getting up on a wakeboard at ease and at the same time, for experienced riders, to enjoy various challenging obstacles and learning air-trick at ease.
Give us a hola if you’re interested in having your own PRIVATE WAKE PARTY, a celebration that will be remembered for a long time to come.