Jump yourself Fit!

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Don’t be lazy in winter! Use the time to make sure you are riding fit for summer. Trampolines are a great way to keep fit, and the time on the tramp will improve your skills on the water! So head outside and let that kid inside you lose!

A trampoline allows you to simulate tricks that you’d do on the water. It allows you to practice the tricks over and over as you learn the proper technique for the trick. You can work on grabs, spins, flips, and grabbed-spinning-flips all day long.

A couple of tips for trampoline use for wake boarding – from wakeboarder.com

  • Don’t try anything you’re not ready for. Just like in real wakeboarding, stay within your limits. Trampolines can be just as dangerous, if not more dangereous then water.
  • Always bounce and throw your trick straight up in the air, and have someone else with you to spot you if you can. If you don’t throw your tricks straight up, you’ll go flying off of the trampoline, which is the most common way to get injured.
  • Tie a wakeboard handle or handle and rope to a nearby tree or post. The handle will help keep you on your balance while simulating wakeboarding better.
  • You can also use a wakeboard on the trampoline if you take off the fins. A better solution is to get an old skateboard deck and some old shoes, and either tape or bolt the shoes to the skateboard deck. This will simulate the feet position of being on a board, and allow you to do grabs in a more realistic manner.

If you don’t have a trampoline or the funds to buy one, then head to a local trampoline park, there are a couple across the country – Bounce South AfricaRUSH SOUTH AFRICAStarJump Trampoline VenueJump4Joy Indoor Trampoline Park.

In case you need more reason to Jump for you, We also found this great article on the health benefits of trampolining from the guys at verywell.com  – Jump into Health.